What we do

Minna's Children is a charity registered in Scotland providing food, education and support for orphaned, impoverished and traumatised children through the Stella Maris Education Foundation ("The Foundation") in Nigeria. We are a non denominational charity open to all.

We help poor and deprived children of all faith and creeds become independent adults through the power of education whilst caring for the health, wellbeing and development needs of each individual child.

Minna's Children works to ensure that sufficient funds are available for the continuation and improvement of these vital services, and that no child in desperate need is denied sanctuary and the prospect of a better future.


Who is Father Chido?

Fr Chidozie Ezeribe, affectionately known as Fr Chido, is a priest of Minna Diocese in Nigeria and the inspirational founder of the Stella Maris Educational Foundation in Nigeria.

He is now on pastoral mission in the Glasgow Archdiocese and current Parish Priest of St Dominics, Bishopbriggs. Learn more in our Brief history section.

About Us


The urgent need

We recognise that the extraordinary achievements of Fr Chido must be sustained and unless assistance is provided, the Foundation and its essential support services might not survive in their present form.



Fr Chido's role as the current Parish Priest of St Dominics, Bishopbriggs is an all consuming commitment, although until now he has single-handedly tried to continue the work of fund raising for his Foundation.



Clearly, this was unsustainable, enormously stressful for him personally and in his new circumstances ineffective in terms of the amount of fund raising work required to safeguard the running of the Foundation.



Minna's Children has been established to resolve this problem by working to attract sufficient donations and other charitable funds to sustain and develop Fr Chido's remarkable legacy.


Honorary President

Fr Chido has accepted the role of Honorary President of Minna's Children.

Our volunteers and support workers

Nothing would be possible without our dedicated volunteers and support staff: those in Nigeria who foster children and work tirelessly in the Foundation on behalf of the children; and those in Scotland who raise awareness of our mission to grow and “help more children to help themselves” and hence their own villages and communities

Bridge for peace and cooperation

In an otherwise divided region of Nigeria, our non denominational charity has been a catalyst for cooperation, tolerance and reconciliation amongst people of different faiths and social backgrounds.

It is now actively supported by local Christian and Muslim leaders.


The “big ripple effect”

Our help for the children also has a proven beneficial impact on their families and the wider community.

The children leave our care with a sound education and are therefore equipped to contribute to society and the welfare of our common humanity.


Join Us

You can help transform the lives of orphaned, impoverished and traumatised children by supporting our charity's fund raising efforts.

If you wish to be involved and perhaps offer to become a member and volunteer, please contact us at info@minnaschildren.org.

Currently, we are responsible for the welfare of 400 children every day of the year - together, we'll secure the financial support for them and other children in need.

Our commitment to you

All donations to Minnas's Children will be transferred directly to the Foundation's bank account in Nigeria. All donations sent to the Foundation from Minna's Children will be used for its charitable purpose.

The Foundation works in one of the world's poorest regions so keeping its running costs low to maximise the good it can do with the donations entrusted to it is imperative.

So, if you're looking for a charity to donate to - and a way to help feed and educate desperately poor and underprivileged children - you can be sure that all your generosity will have a direct impact and change lives with Minna's Children.


No child should be deprived of a caring environment, nourishing food, education and a brighter future